current and past collaborations

Snatch Adams & Tainty McCracken Present It's That Time of the Month
presented by Soho Rep in association with The Bushwick Starr
written and performed by Becca Blackwell and Amanda Duarte
directed by Jess Barbagallo
production design by Greg Corbino
creative produced by Barbara Samuels

kedian keohan

13 playwrights - General Manager 2009-2013

morgan gould + friends 

when producing

I am invested intimate and explosive opportunities for live performance events that work toward an American theater that is innovative, intersectional and antiracist – prioritizing generosity, equity, representation, and collaboration.

I attempt to foster generous and collaborative workplaces that destabilize harmful power structures and value a diversity of approaches and ideas.

some ideas about

When we are generous with each other

we build trust, and prioritize people over product.

all workers are compensated appropriately for their labor.

we meaningfully honor the land and people who historically and currently inhabit the site of our work.

we create opportunities for everyone working together to know each other. We are collaborative makers. Let's end the isolation and siloing together.

we set intentions + goals so everyone is clear on the priorities.

we organically check-in throughout the process with workers at all levels and departments for what they need - personally, and in doing their job.

we listen well, and learn from the experiences of others.


Let's prioritize people over product.

All workers should receive at least a 1 hour meal break if they are working more than 4 hours.

Everyone should, at minimum, receive a 12hr turnaround.

Access needs for all workers are integral to creating the schedule. We will not attempt to tech without necessary personnel available.

Meetings are inclusive, and respectful of people's time and roles in the production.

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