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last updated 6/17/23

looking toward a future where

(to start)

-we create theater and theater making spaces with BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ people, and accessibility in mind.

-we develop personal and team strategies to hold institutions accountable for their/our shared role in systemic racism.

-assistants and designers have equitable partnerships.

-my assistant is paid a living wage.

-my assistant gets all meal breaks every day.

-collaborators have a shared value system.

-if something goes wrong it is clear who at the institution to report to.

-designers have free access to photographs of their work.

-we end unpaid internships.

- there is pay equity and transparency.

- we abolish 10 out of 12s and the 6 day work week.

- we stop opportunity hoarding.

-there is transparency around negotiations.

-I am consistently working on design teams with at least 50% Global Majority representation

-I am working for institutions that look out for and care for their Global Majority workers.

-child care and sick leave are viable options.

-we dissolve methods of entry to unions that reproduce inequity.

about expanding live performance

@zapiartists (IG) a hub for gen z, asian/pacific islander artists.

The Asian American Performers Action Coaltion @aapac_nyc (IG)

BIPOC Demands For White American Theatre

We See You White American Theatre @weseeyouwat (IG)

Crowdsourced Resources for POC Theatre Artists A Google Doc created by Roger Tang

BIPOC Directors Collective @bipoc_directorscollective (IG)- Amplifying + connecting BIPOC Directors across industries.

Black Work Broadway  an evolving and comprehensive record of all the plays, musicals, musical revues, and other performances presented in Broadway houses, that were either written or created by Black artists.

The New Play Exchange the world's largest digital library of scripts by living writers.

Alternative Canon Non-Western plays, plays by Black, Indigenous, people of color, by women and by queer writers from before 1945

The Mix From Steppenwolf - a new play resource highlighting plays that feature casts of intersectional and intersecting social identities.

Diversifying the Classics What are the stakes, and the possible effects, of bringing to diverse audiences the canon of early modern Hispanic theater that has largely gone unproduced and unremarked in US theatrical circles?

Streaming Contemporary Latinx Drama

about expanding design

Decentering Whiteness in Design History Resources a bibliography meant to help instructors of design history decenter whiteness in their classes. It’s a Google Doc and anyone is welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes

@visualsustenance  (IG) fashion history, design history, and visual culture

✿ BLACK / POC vendors to support ✿ For Set Design / Art Dept / Production

@designisracist Anonymous stories of racism in the design industry

about $$$ + pay transparency

Alternative Taxes - Dallas Estes Books believes that direct financial engagement builds resilience, which protects the wellbeing of artists and individuals. Focusing on mitigating the stress and anxiety of working in an oppressive system, Dallas offers bookkeeping and tiered-pricing tax preparation focused on artists, freelancers, independent contractors, and small businesses.

Theatrical Designer Pay Resource- an anonymous crowd-sourced pay resource for theatrical designers in the USA started by Elsa Hiltner in 2018. The document is intended to encourage transparency and conversations, and be used as a reference resource and negotiation tool. 

Theater Salaries- Crowd-sourced, anonymous, salary information for theater workers around the globe! Please contribute!

Artists for Economic Transparency @afectchange (IG)

Support for immigrant theater artists @seelightingfoundation (IG)

about building creative teams

Designers of Color This list is intended to bring awareness and opportunity for organizations to engage with designers of color.

Diverse Dramaturgs: Racially, Ethnically, Culturally

Designers of Color

BIPOC Theater Designers and Technicians

BIPOC Stage Managers 

The Latinx Theatre Design Network @lagentenetwork (IG)

Who Designs and Directs in LORT Theatres by Pronoun: 2020 the sixth year of a study by Porsche McGovern

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